Goudey Water-Based Wiping Stains

Goudey Water-Based Wiping Stains

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Goudey is committed to providing professionals with environmentally friendly products that work. Our new water-based wiping stains feature significantly lower levels of odour and toxicity and are easier to clean compared with conventional solvent based stains, yet they maintain the depth, vibrancy and richness of our traditional solvent based wiping stains.

These stains can be applied by cotton cloth wiper, brush, or spray equipment. To reduce colour strength without changing the stains viscosity; add Stain Glaze Base (WB0013). These stains feature enough open time to accommodate larger pieces of furniture and millwork.


  • 24 deep, rich, vibrant colours. View colour chart.
  • Low odour and toxicity
  • Easy to clean
  • Extended open time.
  • May be clear coated in four hours, depending on environmental conditions.
  • Compatible with most commercial and industrial film coatings such as: nitrocellulose lacquer, pre & post catalyzed lacquers, waterborne lacquers, shellac, and alkyd & acrylic urethanes.
  • Suitable for all interior residential, commercial and industrial wood projects.
  • Available in 946ml and 3.78L containers.

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