Sia Sandpaper

Sia Sandpaper

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Brand: sia

1962 siarexx is a universal all-round product for manual and portable machine sanding and delivers impressive results in wood and lacquer applications.


  • Universal all-round product for wood and lacquer
  • High level of flexibility guarantees trouble-free sanding of corners and edges
  • Low clogging
  • Good finish properties


  • Sanding off rusted parts
  • Sanding off old varnish, paints and stains
  • Sanding off old paint and varnish
  • Sanding off raised wooden fibers
  • Sanding floorboards
  • Sanding wooden terraces and pool surrounds
  • Sanding off brittle or poorly adhesive paints
  • Keying or sanding surfaces
  • Keying smoothed surfaces
  • Keying surfaces for better paint adhesion
  • Fine sanding of surfaces
  • Flatting uneven areas
  • Flatting lightweight construction walls
  • Structuring wooden beams