Shur Stik 66 Lap & Seam Adhesive 125 ml

Shur Stik 66 Lap & Seam Adhesive 125 ml

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A clear-drying adhesive specially formulated for applying borders over all types of wall coverings including vinyl wall-covering, paper, plastic or glass. Its strong initial tack also makes it ideally suited for repairing loose seams and curling corners. As a vinyl-over-vinyl adhesive it can also be used for overlapping the seams of vinyl wall-covering or adhering vinyl wall covering to existing vinyl and other slick non-porous surfaces.



• Dries clear

• Strong initial bond

• Strong final bond

• Spreads easily

• Freeze/Thaw stable • Mould & Mildew Resistant

• Water cleanup (must be cleaned immediately) • Available in 12 X 450 ml & 24 X 125 ml

• LEED Compliance……… Eligible for credit EQ 4.1 VOC <200g/L


Surfaces must be clean, dry, smooth, and structurally sound. No priming of surfaces is necessary. Please note: THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT BOND TO WAXED OR SILICONIZED .


For seams and repairs apply a thin even coating and press into place. For pre-pasted borders apply adhesive to back of border making sure the pre-pasted adhesive is reactivated. CAUTION: Excess adhesive must be removed immediately. Once cured this film cannot be removed Use Shur-Stik #C11, #111 or #785 for applications of borders to painted or bare surfaces.


Borders -0 .95 L (1 quart) will hang 280 lineal feet of 3″ border.

Vinyl Sheets – Approximately 8 single rolls per 3.78L (gallon) (280 Sq. Ft.)